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Best Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in Lucknow

Best Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in Lucknow

Surgery of nose is one of the most common of all cosmetic services. Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of , nose, change the tip, bridge and narrow the nostril.


1.Incisions are usually made in the nostrils or on the columella. The soft tissues are separated from the bones and cartilage which now can be reshaped. If breathing problems or deviations are present, this can be improved by a septoplasty. An "open" procedure could be beneficial leaving a tiny scar on the columella.

2.A cast or splint is placed over the nose for 6-7 days and in some cases an internal dressing is applied for 2-3 days. The healing procedure can produce unexpected irregularities due to scar formations that may need a secondary correction. This happens in about 5%

3.Most people return to work within 3 weeks, depending on how strenuous their job is and their recovery process. For the few weeks following, swelling and brushing will gradually subside.






3.Infection-All operations can cause infections that in case it happens will be treated with antibiotics.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgery Clinic in Lucknow