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Best Liposuction Doctor in Lucknow

Best Liposuction Doctor in Lucknow

Patients with localized fatty deposits that have been unresponsive to diet and exercise.Patients with excess fatty accumulation in the face, nek, chest, addomen, hips, back, flanks, inner thighs, knees, legs. This may also be related to being overweight. Dieting and or exercise may compliment Liposuction.Patients who want to fit better in to clothing, wear smaller clothes, tuck in shirts, and look better in swimsuits.


1.Anesthesia may be local or general and the procedure takes about two hours to six hours depending on the amounts and locations . Procedure involves placing a dilute (tumescent) lidocaine solution into the fatty areas and waiting about 30 minutes for this to take a nice effect. This advanced anesthetic technique virtually eliminates any pain during the procedure, post-operative pain, or bruising.

2.The incisions are small 5-7mm and very inconspicuous, usually located in a crease or under garment lines.

3.The procedure involves the removal of the fat by suction. It does not disturb the overlying skin, the deep muscles or ligaments, or the nerves and vessels in between. Small instruments connected to suction are then used to vacuum out the fat carefully and artistically.

4.A compression garment is worn on and off for four to six weeks. Pads are used over the liposuction sites and under the garments for the first three days.


1.You can go home after several hours or can stay overnight.

2.You can shower the after 5 days.

3.There is only minimal pain for first days and easily controlled by medications.

4.Swelling is mild to moderate and peaks at two to three days then disappears rapidly over the next three weeks.

5.Minimal or no bruising is the usual.

6.Some fluid may leek out from incision for first two days.

Best Liposuction Doctor in Lucknow
Best Liposuction Doctor in Lucknow


1.Surprisingly little postoperative pain. Changing of position causes some discomfort.

2.Stitches are removed after 8 to 10 days.

3.Physical activities should be postponed for 2-3 weeks.

4.Massage can be beneficial.

5.Numbness in the treated areas is common for 2-3 months..

6.The scar formation under the skin will be felts as nodules, which will disappear gradually.

Swelling and brushing far below the treated areas are common.